Rainy day tales

We’ve entered a rainy cycle right now, punctuated by thunder and lightning. I actually like rainy days (in moderation) but they do require some creativity to keep a 3 yr old busy. We painted. We read books. We did a Target-run while Rudy slept, and then we did this



Which of course led to this



Now, I would much much rather have a kid obsessed with worms and bugs and dirt then one afraid of them – it would be too much work trying to renegotiate our lives to accommodate that fear! (I’m trying to picture camping with a kidlet who is terrified of bugs!) But I will say I cringed a little when I heard, “Mom, look! The worm is on my nose! It’s so silly!”

Ah yes, silly indeed!


I’m trying to work on our order of chicks. I think this time we’re going to try Austrolorps, Ameraucanas, New Hampshire Reds, and Dominiques. Supposedly all 4 breeds are docile, but good layers. More on this soon!


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