The worm that got away (almost)

So yesterday, we had a worm loose in the house. How might one lose a worm in ones house? you may wonder. Well, all you have to do is add a 3 yr old and a stubborn mom to the equation, and need I say more??


Sophia had declared the worm “her best friend in the whole world”, and asked for it to come in the house for the night, and of course I couldn’t very well say no to that, so worm and dirt were brought inside, all the while Rudy protesting. Of course, a couple hours later, when no one could find the cup and worm, I was a little chagrined with myself for permitting the invasion to begin with! But we did find the little fella this morning – he had been abandoned in the laundry room in the basement overnight.

Yesterday we made an Easter tree.


This was a really fun project and involved a hike in the woods to search for just the right “tree,” and then a whole decorating party, which, as it turns out, doesn’t end, because Sophia gets a big kick out of taking the little eggs off the tree and moving them to different branches, but not before running up to her sister and shoving ornaments in her face to “show baby Gracie.” It’s actually pretty cute to watch, but I’m not sure Gracie finds it as amusing as I do.


I loved this: this morning as I was making breakfast, Sophia was sitting at the table playing with all this:

She had some elaborate story plot going for the whole thing. I’ve watched a huge increase in this kind of imaginative play from her since we put a moratorium on tv, about a month ago. Mostly because of this and research like it: But anyway, I have to admit, when we first turned the tv off, I was worried I would be depriving myself any half-hour “mommy breaks” to get laundry done, or shower, or do – well, anything! But, as it turned out, after the first couple days, Sophia almost completely stopped asking about tv and began REALLY using ALL her toys all the time!! It’s been awesome, because I’ve watched her imaginative play just sky-rocket, and her independent play too.

And check this out – Sophia and I have found the cutest dog ever!


He’s our neighbor’s dog – his name is Little Guy (how friggin cute is that?!). He keeps running away from home and showing up in our yard! When his owner tramps over to get him, Sophia puts this really indignant look on and says, “Hey – where’d my dog go??” Haha So cute!

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One Response to The worm that got away (almost)

  1. Krystle says:

    worms….yeast….what other bizzaro thing shall you come up with next? 😉

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